stuff that i've made!

i'm not really much of a creator but i thought it'd be nice to make a page like this!

Puyo Pop Fever REMIX is a mod for the PC and Dreamcast versions of Puyo Pop Fever! It uses character art from later games to give it a more modern feeling along with adding new music, character voices, graphical updates, fever chains, and more! download it on gamebanana!

download the dreamcast version here!

Kingdom Hearts: Path of Dreams (working title?)

(this is just a fun little mockup pic i made!!!) Kingdom Hearts: Path of Dreams is a Kingdom Hearts fan game that i'm (very slowly) working on! a 2d platformer with a bit more focus in combat, taking place in sora's dreams while he's asleep after chain of memories and in most of chain of memories' worlds!

Music: Menu (Full) - Undertale (2015, PC/PS4/PSV/NS)

Under Construction