stuff that i've made!

Puyo Pop Fever REMIX is a mod for the PC (and soon Dreamcast and PSP maybe!) version(s) of Puyo Pop Fever! It uses character art from later games to give it a more modern feeling along with adding new music (including some new arrangements!) character voices, graphical updates, fever chains, and more! download it here! DOWNLOAD!

Download 1.4 (LEGACY, IS OUTDATED) here!

download the dreamcast version of PPFR (Legacy) here!

check out the rest of my puyo puyo fever mods here!

Digital Haze

an RPGMaker murder mystery adventure game! focused around digging through older computers to find the truth about what happened to your parents. currently working on!

Kingdom Hearts: Path of Dreams (working title?)

(this is just a fun little mockup pic i made!!!) Kingdom Hearts: Path of Dreams is a Kingdom Hearts fan game that i'm (used to be) working on! a 2d platformer with a bit more focus in combat, taking place in sora's dreams while he's asleep after chain of memories and in most of chain of memories' worlds!

Under Construction