game systems i own!

Nintendo Switch

actually, my second nintendo switch. my first one was stolen along with my copy of smash ultimate (i still have the box, no cart) and we never found out who stole it. anyway i mainly got the switch just for mario odyssey but its basically my puyo machine at this point lol (i own every version of puyo thats been released on it besides sega ages puyo puyo tsu) almost tried getting cfw on it once but i couldn't get the jig to work and i didn't want to put cfw on a console this new. i want acnh.

Nintendo Wii U

hoo boy do i have some pre-teen/teen memories with this. i didn't own any of the computers in my house really so i often used this to browse the web (it's really good at doing that too!) most of my online presence was on my wii u from 2013-2015. i honestly love this console even if it has a ton of problems. was planning on softmodding but i didn't wanna bother with buying a ds game just to do so. i recently formatted it and was going to sell it for a new nintendo switch but i got one anyway so the format was pointless and i lost all my save data and such :(

Nintendo 3DS XL (Mario & Luigi Dream Team version)

got on christmas and this things been through a ton! the notification LED hinge completely broke off so now i gotta be super careful playing it. is softmodded and like my switch, has a ton of puyo games on it. i still havent beaten dream team yet lol

Nintendo DSi XL (Light Blue)

has had for AGES, is technically my brother but shhh he barely even cared about the thing. i grew up on flipnote studio and hatena and i have major nostalgia for it. softmodded a while back and is the thing i use to play DS games (the 3ds has some weird scaling/filter put over DS games, DSi is pixel perfect) one of the hinges is also broken but not as bad as my 3DS

Nintendo Wii (NSMBW red model)

the console i have a ton of memories for, got this on christmas and along with my DSi was basically all i played. is softmodded and has riiconnect24 installed (still so cool being able to send wii mail and to use the nintendo channel again!) if you play funky kong on mkwii wiimmfii i'm coming after you

Nintendo DS Lite

my original DS, got it on christmas a long time ago. don't really remember much about it. it's broken, powers on but nothing happens.

Game Boy Color

my brother's first game system? he "gave" it to me (he never used it anymore so it was ripe for the taking) and now its just sitting in a cabinet somewhere. last i used it is when i bought a copy of pocket puyo puyo tsu

Microsoft XBOX

the original. not the 360 not the one not the xbox sex or whatever its called. i've been wanting one for ages and i finally got one in january 2020! took a bit to softmod because 1 i was dumb and ordered a copy of splinter cell chaos theory instead of the original and 2 my flash drive is super finicky with the xbox! theres still plently of games i need to play on it but 5gb on the hard drive isn't much to store games with! i'll replace the hard drive when i find a new 80 pin IDE cable since it wont work without doing so

Playstation 3 (80gb slim)

my cousin didn't want his ps3 anymore so i promptly took him up on his offer of giving it to me for free. immedietly softmodded the day i got it until i ran the wrong program and screwed my hard drive. i also didn't have an original dualshock3/sixaxis so! my ps3 was stuck on the "press the ps button" screen. a year later i finally bought a dualshock 3 and got everything fixed! softmodded it and DIDN'T fuck it up this time. my ps1/ps2 machine along with my yakuza machine, this was how i played through the entirety of kingdom hearts 1 (the ps2 original not the ps3 remaster because i was dumb and didn't know the remasters were on ps3) all the way to birth by sleep. also this console was super useful when i got fixated on yakuza and wanted to play the rest of the games after beating yakuza 2. also i got banned from psn because i played tf2 online with a softmodded system

Playstation Portable

was my brothers but then gave to me as he never played it. ever. was strictly a naruto game machine for a while until i softmodded it and put as many emulators and roms that 1gb memory stick could fit. afterwards it sat in a drawer for ages until i brought it out again, bought castlevania the dracula X chronicles and that was really all i did. had to replace the screen and battery once and the analog stick as well (and its still broken lol). i tried playing birth by sleep with that bad analog stick and wow it was a nightmare but i somehow managed

Playstation 2 Slim

TONS of nostalgia with this one, basically a sonic games machine for me as a kid. funny that the reason the ps2 sold so well was bc it had a dvd player and i basically never used that feature lol. it's just sitting in the corner of my brother's closet rn, last i used it i tried to install freemcboot on a ps1 memory card

Sega Dreamcast

my absolute favorite game system no doubt, partly due to it's interesting history. got it on my 13th birthday with marvel vs capcom 2 and sonic adventure (the marvel vs capcom 2 disc died within days lol) i mainly wanted it bc there was a somewhat active online community around it. i actually wasn't able to get my console online until a few years later when i convinced my stepdad to buy me a dreampi (raspberry pi with special software and a usb modem that lets you connect your dreamcast to modern connections just using the modem) and once i did i really got into the system. sega's last breath in the console industry is just super interesting to me and i love this console.

Xbox One

the original big and ugly cable box model! got from my brother bc he bought an xbox one s since this one wasnt working to well for him but it seems to work just fine, was finally able to play kh3 on it after so long!

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