computers n such i own

HP Elitebook 8470p

my daily driver computer! nothing really much to say but it hasn't been treated the best, used to be a work computer for my parents until it was given to me. had to replace the hard drive and the fan once. also the dvd drive refuses to spin up discs. windows 10, 500gb hard drive, intel core i5-3340M 118, 8gb of ram

HP Pavillion p7-1015b

hand me down from my uncle! used to be my daily driver until i got the elitebook. loud n cranky but reliable! currently it dualboots windows xp for games and windows 10 for when i wanna run servers for source engine games. WinXP/W10, 1TB hard drive, intel pentium g620, 6gb of ram

HP Thin Client 5520

neat thin client that does nothing besides looks nice. was supposed to be a thin client t5720 but the original seller listed the wrong machine! now im stuck with this and all of its windows ce 5.0 glory (meaning i can't do anything on it lol) Windows CE 5.0, 4gb ide flash module, VIA eden 800 MHz, 128mb of ram (if you find an archive of windows ce 5.0 software, please let me know! i'd love to actually have a use for this computer)

Dell Dimension 5100

a test computer! got it at a recycling center, currently running windows 7 for MAME and stuff like that, probably gonna use as a MAME cab computer if i get the money to make a MAME cab.

Dell Latitude 620

given to me by one of my aunts along with a D630 that i no longer have! doesn't really do much, i use it as a CD/DVD burner every now and then since my daily driver laptop's one is dead. tried installing W98SE on it and it failed spectacularly. WinXP, 80gb drive, core duo T2400 1.83GHz, 2gb ram

Power Mac G5

another recycling center computer! was honestly amazed when i saw it there but wasn't sure if it worked but when i brought it home (over a bunch of beat up looking 9x era compaq desktops) it worked! doesn't work anymore though, turns out it was one of the rarer liquid cooled models and well, age and liquid coolers don't tend to mix well! both cpu's had resistors falling out/heavily corroded. everything else is functional technically, so if i got a new cpu and cooler it would work but apparently each cpu had their own special connector apparently and i also don't want to deal with ANOTHER leaky liquid cooler. rest in piece 2005-2020

Compaq iPAQ h3600

found at a goodwill for 10 dollars! came with a protective case, compact flash card adapter, and a dead battery! i honestly wish i could use this thing more (and find the fabled pocket pc 2002 os upgrade for it literally a day after i made this page i found it! not like i can do all too much with it though since i still have a dead battery) its a really nice piece of hardware though. if i ever find a brand new battery for it i'll probably find a use for this though

Dell Latitude C610

(AMAZING ART BY @kei_01g on twitter! give them a follow!) bought off ebay for 30 dollars! didn't come with a charger or hdd so i bought those seperately for 20. normally runs windows XP but has all the drivers it needs to run 98 so its running 98se (although it says it's windows ME for some reason?) tried getting it to display my about page through retrozilla but it wouldn't load :( Win98SE, 20GB HDD, Pentium 3 1.2GHz, 512mb of ram

iMac G4

got it off ebay for 66 dollars! it's not at all in the best condition but it works and for something off ebay, i can't really complain lol. feels good having a powerpc mac again after my g5 died (with the added bonus that this can run OS 9 without some hackjob), sadly the drive died and i dont have the neccesary tools to take the bottom plate out:( PowerPC G4 800MHz, 512mb of RAM, 60GB HDD

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