roxy's blog!

welcome to my blog! i update this on rare occasions when i have things to talk about! and hopefully will be updated more often. anyway, on to the cool words i had to say!

october 2nd 2023


september 28th 2023

oops bla bla been a while bla bla im SORRY im so BAD at this but SHIT keeps HAPPENING. i even forgot to update this page to say ROXY's blog. fuck. anyway, don't mind the sweeping around here, gotta clean up some things that were linked from discord to be hosted on here. take some stuff ive been working on for famifever's soundtrack that i havent uploaded elsewhere yet!

[2a03] - fever!!

[2a03+FDS] - raffina's ending

[2a03+SCC] - manzai 3 - popoi

[2a03+SCC] - taisen A

jan 22nd 2023

howdy! ive been thinking about what ive been wanting to stream for when i get affiliate (and actually have the energy to stream again (covid n college are fucked up)) and while i dont know when that'll be, i do have a pretty good idea on what it'll be >:3

its. its kh1. ive been wanting to revisit it for quite a long time but considering my only memories of the game are "this fucking blows" i kinda. never did revisit it

also! i should hopefully finish the mod page soon for puyo fever! been a long time coming tbh lol

january 19th, 2023

HEY GUESS WHO ITS ME AGAIN LMAO with surprise (slight) site updates! added some mods to the mods section and added personal links to my links section! also see that rat girl? thats me! ive been meaning to change out my fursona considering i dont use my possum really at all anymore ;; i need to update this site more and hopefully in the coming. times. ill try to do just that

also check this out! from a puyo fever mod ive been working on, FamiFever! The Menu

november 26th, 2022

i prommy i still use this site. im very bad about updating it ;;

but hi!

may 17th, 2022

starting to work on the site more! because i think gamebanana's admins seem to be a bunch of hacks (bro literally all u had to do was ban the mod with nazi imagery slapped all over it) im working on trying to make a mod page for puyo mods! it'll be manually updated (because i have no idea what im doing with html)

also i made a guestbook! go sign it. now. (if u wanna)

may 4th, 2022

yipeee! it's been a whole year (and 5 months) since i'veupdated this! i am. not good at this lmao.

for real though, i've been working on updating this site! im adding a puyo section. for. puyo things and a few other sections soon so look forward to them! if i dont you're free to kick my ass

december 7th 2020

im not good at updating this. BUT HI i finally got myself a relatively good computer (MSI GS66 Stealth) !!!

december 7th 2020

i forgot to put it in my previous entry but i got an imac g3! it's a slot loading graphite 400mhz model with upgraded ram and hard drive! (used to be 1gb of ram but one of the 512mb sticks didnt work so its running with 512mb now) and an 80 gb HDD! sadly the slot loader eject mechanism is slightly broken and its really hard to get discs out :( (wonderful art by TheHat_Guy go check them out!)

december 6th 2020

its been a while since ive updated my site majorly at all but. hi

ive been working on something! most of kingdom hearts: chain of memories tracks uploaded online all have the signature gba fuzz and such and i thought i'd be fun to remake the tracks with the original samples so they arent all fuzzy and compressed! heres a couple of previews [previews removed as they were hosted on discord, i had finished this a while ago! check it out!

october 10th 2020